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If you think there are no more scary werewolf novels to read.

Think again.

What readers are saying about Ebon Moon:


"It is difficult to put in words how much I loved your book. Ebon Moon is very intriguing and hard to put down. Filled with surprises and a little romance. It is well written. Thank you for writing this book."



just finished Ebon Moon and all I can say is WOW!!!! What a great book, every page I read made me want more. I was happy to see that werewolves were brought back to the way they were supposed to be, mean, vicious, flesh craving monsters from HELL!!! If someone picks up this book expecting the DOGS from the Twilight putrefaction they are in for a rude awakening. This took me back to my days of The Howling and American Werewolf in London, which was awesome because it made me feel like a kid again! My only gripe with this book was that it ended!!! I will definitely read it again, and enjoy every minute of it. You get so caught up in the lives of Jess and Meagan, that you have to keep reading to see if everything is ok!!! After reading this you may want to make sure your doors are locked and hope you don't hear a howl in the night!!!!""Well sir I



Ebon Moon captures the attention and won't let go. Just the right amount of scary to be awesome!​

Ebon Moon is a great read. I enjoyed every bite - I mean bit - of it!​

I loved Ebon Moon. It started with a scream and the horror continued to build until the end. Great work, Dennis!​

"I just finished your book and let me say this:WOW! It was fantastic! I couldn't put it down! it's seriously my favorite werewolf novel now hands down! I love how you made Megan refer to the werewolves as the Big Bad Wolf.ahh This book was incredible! I loved it so much! It's really awesome!"








"I have to say I am impressed! The characters and detailed description of the surroundings in this book to life! The transformation scenes were very descriptive, I could picture them as if watching a movie! Makes me wonder if you know some werewolves and got to watch it happen! lol! Anyway, great storyline, great characters,a DAM good book!"

Howwwwwwlllll. Just finished reading EBON MOON. People, I think we've got a hell of a true classic here. Dennis is the new Stephen King in my book. A true master!! For every Horror or Werewolf fan out there I have only one message: BUY THIS BOOK, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!

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